RDB - view from Bexleyheath Broadway

RDB – view from Bexleyheath Broadway


As of Monday RDB bathroom showroom is open for business. Although we’re not entirely at completion we are open and very near finished.

So pop along, have a nose around. If I do say so myself the showroom is very welcoming with pleasant vibes and illuminating surroundings.

Thompson & Leigh Plumbing & Heating sales counter

Thompson & Leigh’s Bexleyheath sales counter is also open for business. It is located just down the stairs from RDB. TL counter opens 2 hours before RDB so between 7 and 9am entrance is through the ally and to the right.


We are very proud of our branches and it is always exciting when a new venture is about to start. We think anyone who is thinking of perusing a discount bathroom showroom will be pleasantly surprised at the design and quality of Real Deal Bathrooms.




Friday 28th February – Real Deal Bathroom is really taking shape!

Real Deal Bathrooms – looking good

It’s all starting to take shape now. The layout walls have been put up and tiling has started. The Tiles mates tiles are gorgeous and the tiler quite the professional. Here’s a look on the progress..


Real Deal Bathrooms – not looking too shabby!

Saturday’s trip was really exciting. Such a transformation on the ground floor with just a couple of bays being tiled. There was a colour error with the upstairs green. It had come out too dark and seemed completely wrong. After realising the error another paint was chosen and will go up in this coming week. Still, it looks amazing. The Merlin area is such a transformation. Can’t wait to go down at the end of the week for more pics!